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Grazing (and gathering) – The Vermont Thrift Scene

My latest obsession is thrift finds. I’ve been scouring the thrift scene in Vermont via Facebook, Craigslist and Font Porch Forum lately and discovered free stuff! Here are some places I frequent:

*please note that since I am in Chittenden County the places are in or very near to Burlington and it’s surrounding areas) *

Goodwill (South Burlington and Williston)
This is my go-to almost twice a week. It’s on my way into Burlington and Williston which I frequent for groceries and shopping of any kind. I’ve scored a beautiful chest of drawers made of Vermont maple wood, end tables, chairs, remote caddies and accessories for the home. On the cheap.

Facebook Marketplace
I have bought so many wonderful things here. When I need something specific, like a tv stand or even a coat mount and bench, this is where I look first because I can do it from the comfort of my own home and I can set the price and location. I don’t have to go driving too far and pay more than I’m willing for anything. I’ve even had luck selling on Facebook marketplace locally in Vermont, specifically here in Chittenden County.

Obvio. But did you know that they have a free stuff section and I look here daily. It’s my best kept secret. Check out some of the awesomeness I’ve found there! A rabbit hutch, a tv stand, a make up table, an Ikea couch,….

Front Porch Forum
This forum is a community building service in Vermont so you have to be local to use it. But aside from things they sell and post for free, there are recommendations and jobs and housing and just community chatter and happenings. We’ve met some amazing neighbors through this service. It has been a huge blessing.

SCHIPS Treasure Resale (Shelburne)
This lovely little store is neat because they receive donations and the money they receive from selling those donations stays in the community in the form of grants. SCHIPS stands for Shelburne Charlotte Hinesburg Interfaith Projects. They sell mainly clothing and accessories as the space is small. The prices are a little high, but the quality is great. Besides, it’s for a great cause!

ReStore Habitat for Humanity (Williston)
You never know what you will find here. They sell and accept furniture, household goods, building supplies, and anything else you can think of. Their furniture prices can sometimes be a little steep for me, but I’ve had luck with lots of other little things.

ReSource (Burlington – Pine Street)
Much like ReStore in Williston. I actually thought they were one in the same just different locations but it appears it’s the same concept with catchy names, but different organizations.

There are also places I’ve heard about but haven’t had a chance to venture to.

Twice is Nice Hinesburg
Small resale shop carrying gently used women’s clothing and small home accessories. Proceeds go to benefiting the Hinesburg Community Resource Center Programs.

HOPE Resale Store Middlesbury
Acronym for Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects and is said to be one of the largest resale stores in Vermont. They have clothing, furniture, household goods,… they had me at “furniture”.

If you go further South to Rutland, there are a few more as well.
Salvation Army
Open Door Mission Thrift Store
Hobby Lobby – ok. Not really a thrift store, but it’s Hobby Lobby! It’s the nearest one to Burlington so I think it’s worth a visit anytime.

PS: If you’re in Rutland already, might as well stop at Aldi’s – a German based supermarket chain. Did you know it is owned by the same family that owns Trader Joe’s? Well, now you know.

Well, happy thrifting. Now that I’ve shared all my special little places, will you please leave some good stuff for me?

*Special little shout out to my friend, Valerie for telling me about most of these nuggets of gold. She gets all the credit, I’m just passing her wisdom along.*

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