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Oh Yes, She did.

I met Rachel though our boys who were in 5th grade together at the time. We were new to Vermont, to winter, to being without family and friends.
I had only met her twice for brief pick ups and drop offs, but immediately,

she felt like home.

She was refuge and grace and a warm sister hug wrapped in marshmallows sprinkled with swear words.
Rachel was real, she was raw, and she welcomed us into her family and her life; flaws, scars, sins and all.
Rachel is, …
she still is all of those things.
Our friendship was still new and fresh when we were in her kitchen preparing snacks for a gaggle of children who were in and out of the pool. She shared with me that she had just quit her job. I could sense her excitement and also her fear. We talked a bit about it and then she said “You inspired me to do it!”
My heart sank. I didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Our radical move to Vermont had inspired her. And radical it was. 

the kind of radical that changes everything for the better. That thing that has been set deep in your heart. That thing that scares you. That thing that feels impossible right now. That thing that you know would help you and everyone around you.

Lara Casey Author of Make It Happen
Radical is hella scary. I believed that the Lord established our steps on this journey. {Proverbs 16:19).
My first instinct was to protect Rachel. To protect me. My life was in transition, we were wandering, being guided by a strong sense of purpose. We didn’t have a plan, we hadn’t assessed the risks, and we were certainly in no place to advice people in matters such as jobs and commitments and planing for the future. I didn’t know where we were in the journey, in this season, if we we’re going uphill, if we were on the top of the mountain, or on the way down. All I knew was that I was confident I was where I needed to be just when I needed to be.

Basically, I didn’t know for a fact that I was being moved by the Holy Spirit and not by my ADHD.

I only believed I was. The thought of my reckless love and faith in God inspiring her to make radical changes in her life scared the living day lights out of me.
Over and over those words swirled through my mind.
Reckless…. love… faith…. God…. reckless….
and then I stumbled on these lyrics in “Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury :

“Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God”

Later that Summer, Rachel asked me to whip up a shirt for her that simply read “oh yes, she did!” She didn’t care about design or colors or fonts or anything else, she just felt fierce and proud and compelled to yell it to the world that despite adversity and odds and naysayers, she had done it anyway. *Disclaimer* I don’t know what her circumstances were that moved her to want that to be her walking message. I didn’t ask either. I also didn’t understand it. But I respected and admired her for it. And heck yes!, I was going to be her cheerleader!
But ahhhhh,
…..how time clears the fog…
I see a glimmer of God in that phrase now. I see a teeny tiny flicker of light. I see a new message:
God is capable of using us, even when we are not worthy.
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